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Analyt provide services related to the use of data and technology to drive business performance


Quick Health Check

As a quick start, we recommend conducting a check of your existing web site and, if applicable, your measurement technologies. Our Health Check takes the form of a mini-audit and covers many of the services detailed below. The output of the Health Check is a short document / presentation detailing the top 5 things you need consider fixing across: Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and User Experience (CX / UX).

A Health Check is a great way to see if you have any major problems. It can also be a great reassurance before launching a new campaign / product. You may also consider running them on a monthly or quarterly basis to give regular snapshots of performance and ongoing confidence.

Landing Page & Conversion Optimisation

Understanding the customer journey from acquisition to conversion is crucial. We can help to map this journey and highlight key pain points and areas for improvement.

A combination of services that best fit your requirements can be used to help build up this picture. For example, a combination of web analytics and customer feedback data could be combined and analysed to provide a narrative for the journey and the coupled with data visualisation & graphic illustrations to provide a visual output that can be shared across the business.

Digital Strategy & Measurement Frameworks

Do you have a strategic plan for transforming your businesses to be truly data driven and customer centric? Our digital strategy work, focuses on creating a measurement framework that covers:

  • People & resources
  • Process & logistics
  • Technology & design
  • Implementation support

From requirement analysis to hands-on implementation, Analyt can help you to extract real value from your data.

Example Measurement programme

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