Dedicated to improving customer experience and business performance through effective use of data, technology, and psychology

data + technology + insight = business improvement

Implementation support/best practice and training across all major web analytic tools, including: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (Omniture), WebTrends, and Comscore.

Tag Management Systems (TMS)
Implementation support/best practice and advice on TMS selection and configuration, including: Tagman, Telium, Adobe DTM, and Google Tag Manager.

Multivariate Testing
Optimisation programmes focused on MVT: planning, implementation, and analysis.

Voice of Customer/Surveys
Implementation and integration with other data sources, interpretation and analysis, and general advice.
  Strategic use of measurement, focused on: people, process, and technology. From requirement analysis to detailed implementation roadmaps, Analyt can help you to extract value from your data.

Data Optimisation & Integration
Data can be messy stuff! Analyt can help improve your existing data processes and support integration across multiple sources to allow richer insight.

Data Visualisation
Scorecards, Interactive Dashboards (e.g. Excel, Tableau, etc.), and advice on the best way to tell the story of your data.

Interaction Design & Accessibility
Support and guidance on enhancing customer/user experience (CX/UX). Analyt can provide wireframing, information architecture, and accessibility audits.